A small Croatian island has built itself into the newest Ibiza—a hot spot for music-loving revelers to dance the summer away.

The island of Pag is known as one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, with over 2500 hours of sunshine annually. The average annual temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. It is the fifth-largest island of the Croatian coast and the one with the longest coastline. For most of the year, pastoral Pag is home to roughly eight thousand residents and thirty thousand indigenous sheep. This rocky, skinny island—58 km long and about 10 km at its widest point—is unique among Croatia’s islands because of its bald, moonscape appearance.



The town of Novalja is a major port and famous tourist centre. The city is known for its tradition of excellent wine and cheese. The greatest riches of Novalja is in its beautiful well-know beaches , but the real beauty is in its hidden small bays, which are covered with rocks, sand, and pebbles, forever bathed with clean, clear sea, and surrounded by untouched nature.

Only few places on the Adriatic coast can boast about its beautiful beaches that are in within its nearby vicinity like Novalja. If you move north, south, east or west from Novalja, you will come upon one of those unique beautiful beaches. In recent times Novalja became famous also because of the Zrće Beach, which is one of the biggest summer destinations among young people in Europe.

For more information about Novalja, please visit the official website of theTourist Office in Novalja



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Zrce is one of the hottest destinations in Europe where the possibilites of spending the amazing summer holidays are countless. Spend a day at the famous Zrca beach and try one of the amazing beach activites right there!